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Sun is being scorching hot to we Amdavadis these days. In this boiling heat of summer everything looks colorless. Each day competes with other. Today it is 43c and tomorrow will be 45c. Walk half a mile and you will find yourself bathing in your own sticky, stinky sweat. You will take your next step only if you’re assured of having a shade ahead. The moment has arrived when we all look up in the pale yellow sky and wait for clouds to turn black, pour some rain and spread the dewy aroma of sand.

At Sarita Udhyan, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

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Vijay Rally

16th May,2014.

Today was the day when world’s largest democracy was going to have a new leader. So as everyone I was also curious. While walking down to my office I was constantly changing status on whatsapp from 300 to 2x HeadStart to Abki baar Modi Sarkar. I rushed into my cubicle and switched on my system. Sat on boring black chair, facing 21′ inch LCD. I googled the result’s website it was taking hell lot of time to load. So I peeped into my colleague’s desktop and he was doing the same. I jumped out from chair and saw everyone was engrossed in same thing. Today the priority was not work at all it was results. The hot discussion was about current election trend. Hey! who’s going up? What’s the score? Dude! My connection is down(sad). How many seats he got? Haha He lost? Yepp she won the race. Constantly receiving mails, texts, trolls, tweets, snaps and what not. The whole day went like this. Watching the number games on the floor. Finally i got rid of my boring black chair. Time to go home. Phone’s also dead now. Saffron is the color of the day. On my way back to home amazingly I saw my entire neighborhood on the roadside,up on the terrace, popping out from hospital windows too. When I asked a person, I got to know everyone was waiting to have a glance of their new Prime Minister. I could not resist myself to capture this wonderful evening.

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