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The Conversation 

It just happened like that

I was not aware nor were you

And silence was the only word.

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She will come out

She Will comeiso 200, 18mm, f/3.5, 1/500sec.

My first solo trip. Let me share a little bit about it. I’m walking down the streets of Darjeeling, looking around and finding newness in everything. Though the place is new for me, I can totally relate to it’s streets and colorful houses. It resembles exactly to those line houses I drew as a child on walls of my room. House with the roof top and chimney, sun rising from middle of two mountains and river passing by. Ain’t that a beautiful scenario to wake up to everyday! (P.S. : Also having famous Darjeeling green Chai is like living my own childhood drawings.). Every brick here tells me a tale. They tell me how long they have been here on the streets of Darjeeling. It is like they have aged under the warm sun, cool breeze, soft snow and the chilled rain of the city. The more it ages the more it blooms. Compared to my city this city is peaceful. No race. No rush. Everywhere I see, there is gradient. Either up or down. There is no straight. At one such gradient I looked up an saw this beautiful brick house with an elegant woman standing at the window wearing their tradition gown. I saw her elegance and now I can’t stop looking at her. She gave me a smile while I could not help but notice her beautiful eyes and pink blush-y cheeks. A moment later she disappeared and even I left. For next couple of days the route with the brick house became my mandatory route the further exploration; I looked up daily to the window but could not find her. I know, she will come out and give that smile again.

At Darjeeling, West Bangal.

Architecture, Beauty, People, Tradition


My recent road trip to Saurashthra with my cousin, his wife and their son. We visited 5 Mandirs(Temples) and these are just a couple of pictures I could capture. But I would say some pictures are just captured by eyes. Our trip started from Amdavad-Gondal-Bhadra-Rajkot-Sarangpur- to Amdavad. It was about +1000 km of drive. All mandirs are beyond our imagination and immensely beautiful . A touch to an engraved stone speaks a million words and we could feel the depth of the story. They certainly are astonishing combination of art and architecture!

A place where you could feel the true peace! A place where you could connect to yourself! A place where you could feel the joy of life!  A Mandir.

Jai Swaminarayan.



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