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Blue is the warmest colour 

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The faces

Hey There !!!

Its been really hard these days for keeping my space up to date. Sorry. For the long breaks. I was preparing my new digital series which I’m planning to publish later this year. I hope you’ll enjoy. As always your feedback, reviews and comments will help me make it batter. There will be few giveaways as well so stay tuned more of THE FACES is yet to come. Have wonderful time till next time. Keep Smiling and Keep Picturing:)

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Hollywood! Strange ha?! But that is how this area is famous in my city.  This is the habitat of the community which performs on street since years. Along with the performances their sculpting art is what they are known for. There is no school or university or any workshops from where they learn this phenomenal art form. This art is inherited in them from their ancestors and they wish to carry it forward for generations to come. The process of making Ganesha starts six months prior to the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. They make more than millions of sculptures of Ganesha from tiny to gigantic sizes.  Though, this is one of the country’s biggest sculpture market; the people who make this, for them it is much more then just a profession or a source of making money.

At Hollywood, Gulbai Tekra, Ahmadabad.