The faces

Hey There !!!

Its been really hard these days for keeping my space up to date. Sorry. For the long breaks. I was preparing my new digital series which I’m planning to publish later this year. I hope you’ll enjoy. As always your feedback, reviews and comments will help me make it batter. There will be few giveaways as well so stay tuned more of THE FACES is yet to come. Have wonderful time till next time. Keep Smiling and Keep Picturing:)

Standing Alone

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Dayiso 800, 50mm, f/1.8, 1/50 Sec

There I am on the roof with her. She’s looking around at sky. Stars have just began to twinkle. Her hair and her scarf are flying in the breeze. Coffee cups are empty now. I’m running out of words at this time. I am feeling the moment and a feel alive. For the day I have been waiting from so long. Holding this flower in my hand, on my knees to ask her. Will you be my Valentine ? ? ?

Wish you all Happy Valentine’s Day 😊


Day #4 Switch

5_5_B&W Chellenge
Back from where I left. I could not post entries for last two days. Because I was on ROAD TRIP OF SAURASTHRA, Gujarat.  Finally I’m home now after enjoying +1000 km of drive, beautiful landscapes, hundreds of villages, green farms and more. . . Soon I’ll try to share the trip with you.

Belated Merry Christmas.