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Mumbai Moments


14 thoughts on “Mumbai Moments

    • Ohhh….Yes you have. There’s not count how many people. This is Bandra Station. It was 7:30 in the evening was waiting for friend…So just clicked them with mobile. Thank you 🙂


      • I really like your pictures because they are thought provoking that leads to questions. . . . . Where are those people going? How do they feel? Are they on a special journey or just going home from work?

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      • Thank you Anne !!! 95% of them are heading towards their homes after working long our at day job. As I have lived in Mumbai for 2 year I can say when they travel in local trains there’s no feeling. It’s all numb. They just want to reach home and see there loved ones as soon as possible. Because there are many people who travel in local trains for 7-8 hours a day. Reaching home in sweat, smell and crowd make it a special journey. I would say it’s battle and if they miss a train then it is like they have lost their battle.

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      • Yeppp!!! On of my favorites…Very low budget film a wonderful concept with awesome screen plan and interesting characters. I loved the aunty’s character who is not at all seen in whole film. But that is the culture here in India.

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