Color, Fun, Regular


Coffeeiso 800, 24mm, f/2.0, 1/25 sec

So, How about a cup of coffee with me ???


12 thoughts on “Coffee

      • haha well. I will most certainly hold you to that! How insanely great would that be though? Then you can post a photo of two coffee cups. I’m good 🙂 Happy for the Easter break, so excited to have 4 days in a row. I need it. to de-stresss all the work in my system. How are you?

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      • Sure…Of course that’s gonna be awesome. Don’t you think. For then I guess you’ll be my first student over the coffee table and I’ll end up photographing 2 cups of coffee that day. Ohhh yes it’s easter. Happy Easter !!! Yeah after a long work run, four days in a row feels heaven. I’m good working and waiting for such vacation to come. 🙂


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