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Wake me up when September Ends…..

Wake me up when September ends                       iso 1000, 27mm, f/4.0, 1/50 Sec.

Hello all. How are you doing??? I’ve been off and inactive lately on Keep Picturing due to busy schedule at work and after work language class. But couldn’t hold it for long, so today finally I’m here with my new post after a boring week long break. But I’m afraid this boring schedule is going to hunt me for whole month. Though I will try to steal some time and see you all. So have good time stay tuned. Keep Smiling and Keep Picturing.

On a family vacation with Aneri Panchal.


27 thoughts on “Wake me up when September Ends…..

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  2. I nominate you for a One Lovely blog award. If you have no time for this, it is OK, no worries. I just want the other bloggers to know about your wonderful blog. Thank you for your great work! 🙂


      • It is a whole idea! 🙂 I know a great blog and I promote it. People click on your link and you get more followers. The most important thing here is CLICKING ON THE SHARED LINKS 🙂
        You are doing fantastic job!
        My best wishes! 🙂


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