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Weekend with Chuski of Chai..:)

After a long time I had CHAI (Tea). It is one of the famous street vendors in our area.

With Nancy Abraham at Ruturaj Tea Stall, Gujarat University, Ahmadabad, Gujarat.


13 thoughts on “Weekend with Chuski of Chai..:)

  1. She is very pretty. I love catching up with friends and expect you had a great time. I only drink herbal tea. Chamomile and ginger, at least 3 times a day after meals. It’s a great aid for digestion, tastes nice and is good for the body.


    • Yeah This Ruturaj Tea Stall is at same place from last 15-16 years and serving just tea and coffee with muska bun (A big bread bun fill with butter or jam or butter and jam) They have maintained the taste of tea. Its wonderful.:)


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