Very Inspiring Blogger!!!

This is most exhilarating moment for me, actually from last evening that Lisa has nominated for the “VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER”. As this is my first award nominee I’m really glad about it.

Now I got an opportunity to share seven random facts about myself:

1. When I broke my hand while playing football and my wrist could touch the elbow and I felt like I’m Harry Potter.
2. I’m loyal customer of Nike footwear and Nokia cellphones.
3. I used to fake injuries to avoid homework and exams.
4. I’ve solved 3×3,5×5 Rubiks Cube.
5. I used to runaway from schools since 2nd grade.
6. I love street food (without onions and garlic)
7. I started this blog to overcome my past.

And I got an chance to share this award with 15 other bloggers who inspire me to blog and Keep Picturing.:

Thank you all for helping me to grow Keep Picturing. Thank you for your follows, comments and likes without which my journey would have been incomplete. I love sharing my journey, experiences and stories with you all. Thank you again. There’s more to come so stay on board and Keep Picturing…Smile…Cheers…:)

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