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Call Bell


Its my first photograph ever clicked that too from my friend’s camera. That was the time when i never found a story in a photograph neither the compositions or framing or any other aesthetics. So may be this call bell was a call for me to find my connections with photography.

At DSK Supinfocom, Hadpsar, Pune.


10 thoughts on “Call Bell

  1. Twitter was my “call bell” as it ultimately led me to photography. I decided that as there was such a tight syllable constraint in tweeting, I’d try and use those syllables in the most creative way I could — hence my haiku. From there, I started my blog and posted haiku there, but found the searching of images to go with the poems most laborious, so decided to take photos instead — first on my mobile phone and then later on my Nikon camera.


    • Ahha!!! sounds wonderful. I borrowed my friend’s camera for more than 6 months and then I thought of getting my own and after two year I thought of sharing my photographs. So I just say Keep Picturing….:)


  2. Aneri says:

    this call bell gave you a right call Keyur 😉 your photos are simple which speaks their own story! you have a lovely way of looking towards each frame. it being your first photograph though it is taken so nicely. Congrats and keep picturing. btw i stumbled upon your facebook page as well. would love to see your posts there as well. in case if anyone would like to see it, here is the link:


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