Performance                     iso 500, 55mm, f/5.6, 1/100 Sec

A young poor girl gives the breath taking performance in the midst of nature. The Sun is already down and sky has painted itself beautifully with soothing colors. The orchestra of ocean and birds are composing music. It is an unusual performance of the girl and the nature as a team.

At Baga Beach, Goa, India.


18 thoughts on “Performance

    • Hey JF Thanks for your like and thoughts about my picture and writing. This actually was a presentation of the talent that the girl has and she was showcasing it on the beach. So I thought PERFORMANCE would be an appropriate title.
      But thanks for sharing your thought. 🙂


  1. Looking at your gorgeous pic-paint this came to me:

    It’s as if she were a cloud rider,
    a temple growing from her thoughts
    while balancing the heavens between
    the earth and sky; beyond the dawn’s
    violent orange and twilight violets
    arrange themselves as watcher’s
    to her simple crossing of the sky.

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