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Rathyatra Eve

This is the aura of my city AMDAVAAD just a day before the big festival Rathyatra. It’s the festival when god take the tour of city. The people have to come to invite him to their home and have delightful meal.

At Jagannath Mandir, Ahmadabad, Gujarat.


6 thoughts on “Rathyatra Eve

    • Thank you dear for visit and your comment.
      Rathyatra is one of Hindu Festival where Lord Krishna visits the city. Soon I ll be posting the celebration pictures hope to see you again
      Nice meeting you …:)


  1. these photos truly capture an amazing energy – i can almost feel the excited tension that seems to be buzzing through the city. very lovely 🙂 thank you for a peek into Rathyatra


  2. I like the picture of the guy in the blue shirt the most, I think it stands out from the rest. I am intrigued to know what he is specifically looking at, as he looks completely engrossed in the moment.


    • Yes Indeed he stands out. Everyone was praying and looking at the Murtis ( Statue of Lord Krishna ). When I was clicking him he was totally into prayers but suddenly something happened and I just can’t recollect it now what happened at that moment. But I just had to click him with his diverted attention.

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