Festival de voto

Peace                      iso 800, 40mm, f/8.0 1/6 sec

It’s the historical festival today. When millions and billions of young, old, poor and rich will vote for their better tomorrow. The worlds biggest democracy will be choosing one and only leader to empower the nation.

At Vote booth with my family, Ahmadabad, Gujarat.


Skyline                   iso 200, 250mm, f/8.0, 1/640sec

On the roof top 15 storey building I stand,
Holding canon in my hand.
Me chatting with sky and clouds tickling me,
I stretch my vision to horizon.
With my finger on the click and focusing the frame,
I see bright and cheerful colors of my city.

At Khokhra, Ahmadabad, Gujarat.

Bridge of life

IMG_3005                     iso 6400, 18 mm, f/22, 1/3200

Standing alone in front of life bridge with Google on my finger tips. Curiously I googled what would it be like on the other side.”No matches found”, Google said. Childlike curiosity hopping in my mind drew me towards the other side. And now I move ahead regardless of destination. I don’t know where this journey will take but here I am walking ahead to unfold the surprises of my life.

At Broken Bridge, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Playing Puppets

Playing Puppetsiso 100, 55mm, f/5.6, 1/30

They are lifeless; they don’t have their own moves neither their own voice. Once they start dancing in the air on beats of their master. You capture them in your heart with a smile.

At Ahmadabad International Kite Festival 2014, Paladi, Gujarat.

Back to old days

Back to old daysiso 400, 50mm, f/2.8, 1/1250

A safe grip on the hot railing, and burning sensation on bums, when you sit on hot seat of slide. That single moment is enough to take you back in time and bring you back those colorful days of childhood.

With Aneri Panchal at Sarita Udhayan, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.


Footpritsiso -100, 55 mm, f/5.6, 1/100 sec

In mild and warm light of the morning sun: imprinting footprints with life partner on moist sand of beach reminds me of the good times of life with my girl.

With Pearl Ann Menezes at Kandolim Beach, Goa, India.

Hide and seek

Hide & Seekiso 800, 55mm, f/8.0, 1/160

A: We got busted early today. Now what will we do whole time?
B: Hey buddy look someone is clicking us!
A: Huhh !!! I don’t care I’m in-between an important conversation with    that young couple let me judge them.

Searching for fun ?

I’m on a self assignment of capturing “fun” photographs these days.
I encounter a lot of moments happening around me every second; some days a lot, some days not so much. At times that these moments drag my attention to notice them.
As I am on this assignment, I try to extract different perspectives in the routine as well as the unusual. And yes I find fun.
It’s been a month now that, I’m travelling to Gandhinagar for work.
Luckily, I find a window seat every morning. So I get chance to talk to Mr. Sun every day about fun. My interaction with him is very surprising. Sometimes he directly hits on my cheek and the next moment he hides behind the building and suddenly he pops out from the trees.

So what is fun exactly? I ask.
Smiling, or getting satisfaction from what you are doing. May be yes it’s true, because I like this moment and there’s a big smile on my face. Listening to music, dancing, laughing with your grandparents, hanging out with your buddies, flirting with strangers, making love, kissing, glancing at someone…
I guess every single moment which brings a smile and sparkle in my eyes is fun. So when I’m having fun I don’t care what the world thinks about me.

MR. Sun

iso 200, 250mm, f/8.0 1/250
This is my friend with whom I talk during travelling. This days he is turning very hot.
At Shiv Shakti Dhalbati on S.G. Highway, Gandhinagar- Ahmadabad, Gujarat.